Relevant lesson from the mother series


You have a right to be sad and angry.
There’s no magical ‘you’re ok now’.
It can still turn out ok even without the fairy tale ending.

I hate distance. You meet the best people and they are always far away.
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takin selfies with ur attractive friend like



the drem„„,

"Ooo!  Aren’t you scary!"

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Reminders to myself (and any other artsy people who follow me i guess)


-You don’t get better at drawing by avoiding drawing until you are better at drawing.

- You don’t have to make a new masterpiece every day it’s okay if all you drew is a doodle of a bug. You are now +1 bug doodle better at doodling bugs. 

- Also it’s okay if the thing you drew didn’t turn out very good. Everything you draw makes you one step closer to being able to draw good. You are still +1 step better at drawing whatever you drew no take backsies.

- You are the only person who knows if your art didn’t turn out as good as you wanted it to. You are the only person who can see the things in your art that weren’t what you imagined in your head. No one else will know unless you tell them.

- Comparing yourself to other artists just isn’t fair. You get to see all of your art, the best stuff and the worst stuff. You usually only get to see the best stuff other artists make. You don’t get to see that half drawn badly propotioned face they drew at 2 am and immediately scrapped. So don’t compare your badly drawn 2 am face to their best work.

- Just keep making art. The only way you can really fail is if you give up. 


Mario Kart/ Zelda Fans right now


Mario Kart/ Zelda Fans right now


Flowers - Mother 3i soundtrack

If you’re looking for reasons to cry… well, now’s your chance.


I can’t deal with the fact that I’m almost finished with Mother 3 and this place just rubs salt in the wounds since I’m still not over finishing EarthBound and my life is kinda crashing here now but hey Ness’ dad u looking good


if u send me an ask complimenting me or telling me that u like my blog i will smile for like 38 hours straight